The 1,900 ton capacity Left Coast Lifter served as a unique tool that erected large prefabricated girder assemblies, the back span closure field sections on the westbound cable stayed bridge, precast concrete pilecap tubs, piercaps, and tower struts. Lifting Height: 92 Meters Above Deck, Max. Liftech Consultants assisted ABFJV with design review for the crane, including developing the technical specifications sent to ZPMC. [12] A consortium of companies, Tappan Zee Constructors (TZC, a joint venture of Fluor, American Bridge, Granite and Traylor Brothers), purchased the crane barge, which gave them a competitive edge in the bidding process for the construction of the Tappan Zee Bridge replacement across the Hudson River. New York State Thruway spokeswoman Jennifer Givner confirmed Monday that the massive barge-based crane — which for four years helped build the Gov. AB Connections Issue 1010. [7][8] Before the heavy deck sections for the Bay Bridge were lifted, Left Coast Lifter raised a sunken tugboat in August 2009, USS Wenonah. Amtrak said the Left Coast Lifter will be used again in late August, early September to put the Spuyten Duyvil swing bridge back in place. The total cost was approximately US$50,000,000 (equivalent to $59,590,000 in 2019). The project received three Excellence in Structural Engineering awards: The "Left Coast Lifter" Crane is removing the Spuyten Duyvil Bridge on June 14, 2018. The barge carries a shear legs crane which is the largest barge crane ever used on the U.S. West Coast. With the imminent (I think) arrival in the sixth boro of a large shearleg crane for the Tappan Zee project, here’s a chance to look at one of these floating cranes. 1 214-625-2652, Max. The shear-leg crane on Left Coast Lifter has a 328-foot (100 m) long boom, weighing 992 short tons (900 t) with a 1,873-short-ton (1,699 t) lift capacity. The Lifter and the Statue of Liberty When he got the news, Scot Burford could see it as clearly as if somebody handed him an 8 by 11 color photograph. Lifting Height: 75 Meters Above Deck, Max. The left coast lifter, docked on Treasure Island, raising an old WWII boat from the depths. Therefore its first job, prior to installation of the crane, was to haul dredged materials to Long Beach. The barge's name is taken from "Left Coast", a slang term for the West Coast of the United States (which appears on the left side of a typical map and also refers to the region's liberal, or "left leaning", political tradition). [26] "I Lift NY" was used to retrieve portions of the old bridge from the Hudson;[27] in October 2019, the crane left the Hudson and was stored on Staten Island,[28][29][30] at Caddell Dry Dock and Repair Co., Inc.[31][32], Left Coast Lifter was also used for a heavy lift during the summer 2018 maintenance of the Spuyten Duyvil Bridge; the crane moved the swing section of the bridge onto a barge in June to facilitate work on electrical and mechanical equipment that had been damaged during Hurricane Sandy. The Left Coast Lifter, the massive shear-leg crane designed to construct the new self-anchored suspension (SAS) span of the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge (SFOBB), recently aided the U.S. Coast Guard’s recovery of the USS Wenonah, a decommissioned U.S. Navy tugboat that sank on nearby Treasure Island on August 18, 2009. [3] It is the largest barge crane ever used on the U.S. West Coast. A container side lifter is a type of specialized semi-trailer that is used to hoist and transport standard containers over long distances. 'Country's Most Famous Floating Crane' Begins Journey to Hudson - Tarrytown-Sleepy Hollow, NY - Find out what's happening this week in the Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow. At night, it adds a blinking red light to the Richmond County coastline. 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The 30-story structure draws 22 feet of water and packs over five miles of cable. [19] Left Coast Lifter made its first lift on the new Tappan Zee bridge in April 2015,[20] a steel-reinforced concrete pile cap which formed part of the bridge's foundation. I believe the crane known as Left Coast Lifter has a lift capacity of just under 2000 tons. Liftech Consultants assisted ABFJV with design review for the crane, including developing the technical specifications sent to ZPMC. Now nicknamed I Lift NY, the barge is still officially registered with the U.S. Coast Guard as Left Coast Lifter. The Left Coast Lifter crane barge was built to handle the heavy lifting on the new Bay Bridge project and it will do that heavy lifting while floating on the bay. Left Coast Lifter. The 100 ft wide x 400 ft long barge has removable floats for increased stability. The enormous floating crane is there to assist in the installation of the Bay Bridge bypass, but it's first order of duty was to raise an old sunken WWII boat. The Left Coast Lifter, he pointed out, is not the largest crane in the world -- but it’s up there in terms of scale. A massive 328-foot crane arrived in San Francisco Bay last week to start working on the Bay Bridge’s eastern span project. The Left Coast Lifter is what’s called a “dumb barge,” moved by a tug to its new assignments. The 400-pound "Left Coast Lifter" came from California, through the Panama Canal, and after a final cruise up the Hudson River, arrived at the Tappan Zee. At 328 feet, the crane stands taller than the Statue of Liberty, plus has a lifting capacity of nearly 2000 tons. The crane, called the Left Coast Lifter, is named after the region where it was used to rebuild a section of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, which had been damaged in … English: The Left Coast Lifter is one of the world's largest crane barges, with a 1,873-short-ton (1,699 t) capacity sheerleg. [5], After Left Coast Lifter arrived at the Bay Area in March 2009,[6] it was used to place pre-fabricated falsework truss sections and the 28 box girder deck sections. We provide design and analysis services for float structures, including cranes mounted on barges and ships and floats for ferry terminals. The completed sheerleg was ferried back to the United States on a semi-submersible heavy-lift ship, Zhen Hua 22 (IMO 8106446). Left Coast Lifter was built for the American Bridge/Fluor joint venture (ABFJV),[2] which was the lead contractor on the self-anchored suspension eastern span replacement. This one–Pelicano 1 (ex-Kaisei) has capacity … [9] The first deck section was lifted in February 2010,[10] and the last deck section was lifted in October 2011. The giant crane, named “Left Coast Lifter”, is one of the largest floating cranes in the world with a boom length of 328 feet and a 1,900-ton lift capacity. Left Coast Lifter at work on the Bay Bridge, eastern span replacement of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge, Structural Engineers Association of Northern California, National Council of Structural Engineers Associations, "FLUOR Projects: CALTRANS San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Construction", "Bay Bridge Construction Enters Momentous Stage As Giant Crane Barge Makes Historic Entry", "Coast Guard OKs barge for giant Chinese crane", "Massive "Left Coast Lifter" Crane Arrives in San Francisco Bay", "Pssst, Buddy: You Wanna Buy a Giant Crane? Left Coast Lifter is a floating derrick barge or sheerleg which was built to assist in the eastern span replacement of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge. [11], American Bridge/Fluor solicited offers for Left Coast Lifter in 2012, after the conclusion of its work on the Bay Bridge. Electronic controls monitored … [33] The bridge was returned in August, once refurbishment was complete.[34]. [35] The project received three Excellence in Structural Engineering awards: While transporting the sheerleg, the heel pin support may be moved towards the bow of the barge in order to lower the boom and the overall profile of the barge, facilitating transport. The massive crane was being used for heavy lifts of large bridge sections,[21] and placed the final steel girder for the new Rockland-bound (westbound) span in October 2016. The crane has two auxiliary hooks with capacities of 100 t and 10 t. The boom is configured to lay down for transport within the USA river system. Taken with plungercam 2 . 1750 Ton Sheerleg Crane Barge, the Left Coast Lifter, is available for purchase. [24][25], The eastern span of the old Tappan Zee Bridge was dropped into the Hudson via controlled detonation in January 2019; although the intent was to dismantle the bridge in place, during opening celebrations for the replacement Mario M. Cuomo Bridge in September 2018, a loud pop was heard and the original Tappan Zee bridge was closed to workers, as engineers determined it had become unstable. Minor follow-up work continues on the new Bay Bridge East Span, but the biggest tool that was used on the project is on the move. The Federal Highway Administration approved a revised plan to detonate the original bridge's supports in December 2018. [17] There it was refitted with an upgraded control system[18] before arriving at the job site in October 2014. The gantries consisted of four legs with a combined capacity of 1,000 tons and a header system to suspend the trusses. On its 6,000-mile journey from San Francisco to New York, the 328-foot Left Coast Lifter crane traveled through the Panama Canal on its way to build the new Tappan Zee Bridge across the Hudson River. Also known as a container side loader, this trailer is basically used for container transfer.. [22] The final lift for the eastbound span to Westchester was completed in April 2018. Redaelli) Included. The barge was built in Portland, Oregon by U.S. [4], Before Left Coast Lifter was fitted out with the crane for bridge construction, it was deemed to violate the Jones Act, specifically in that since the integral crane would be built and installed in China, it could not be used to transport goods by water between U.S. ports. But just getting this massive machine—dubbed the Left Coast Lifter… The Left Coast Lifter has left. Left Coast Lifter. The crane departed San Francisco Bay under tow in December 2013, transited the Panama Canal in January 2014,[16] and arrived at Jersey City at the end of January. Barge, LLC[3] and ferried to Shanghai, where it was fitted with a shear-leg crane manufactured by Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co. Ltd (ZPMC). 1750 Ton Sheerleg Crane Barge, the Left Coast Lifter, is available for purchase. Mastekranen (English: The Masting Crane) is an 18th-century masting sheer and present landmark on Holmen in Copenhagen, Denmark.It was designed by architect Philip de Lange and built in 1748–51 as part of the Royal Naval Shipyard at Holmen. For information, call Heavy Surplus: 1 214-625-2652 Lifting Height: 90 Meters Above The Deck, Lowest Height: 10 M 32.81 Ft (In Stowed Position), Boom Skidding System Booming Down To Near Flat Position (4 Degrees), Boom And A-Frame Stowage For Transit Purposes, Collapsible A-Frame With Sea Transport Braces, New Boom Hoist Rope (Mfr. The crane with a 100-m boom has 1,700 t capacity at 60 degrees. [23] Between and after the assembly of the new bridge spans, Lifter was also used for heavy lifts during the dismantling of the original Tappan Zee Bridge at that location. The solution was a custom-designed, barge-mounted, shear-leg crane with an impressive 1,700-tonne capacity. In this edition of Connections: FEATURE - ABC Techniques on a Roll in OKC: Accelerated Bridge Construction Keeps Trains and Commuters Moving; FEATURE - Sliding into Action: Swing Bridge in Texas Gets a Lift; Amtrak workers used one of the world's largest floating cranes Thursday, June 14, … For information, call Heavy Surplus: 1 214-625-2652, Email, Call or Text Paul Pettit at Heavy Surplus The 3,920-ton Left Coast Lifter, originally built by Fluor Construction to help build the new Bay Bridge in San Francisco, will be integral in rebuilding the Tappan Zee Bridge by 2018. [13] Reportedly, according to the purchase agreement between TZC and ABFJV, Left Coast Lifter will be returned to ABFJV once the work on the Tappan Zee Bridge is completed.[14][15].