The truck's back shutter opens to reveal a sinister figure who drops off a package onto the sidewalk: the latest issue of Creepshow, much to Billy's delight. LaVerne faints, and Randy fights to maintain his sanity. "The Raft" was adapted to film as a segment of the 1987 horror anthology movie Creepshow 2, directed by Michael Gornick from a screenplay by George A. Romero. A short time after the story was accepted, King was arrested in the town of Orono, Maine, for removing traffic cones from the street after one of them had damaged his car. The three thugs then leave in their car and begin preparations to run away to Hollywood, California. ; HD): For my money, "The Raft" is the most memorable segment in Creepshow 2, and I guess someone else agrees since this interview with Daniel Beer is … Miles away from the scene, Annie stops along the road and begins thinking about what she has done and the consequences involved, but she ultimately concludes that no one has anything on her and thinks everything will be fine. Despite receiving payment, King has never located a copy of the magazine with the published story in it. Randy and Laverne spend the entire night on the raft, afraid to fall asleep in fear that the creature will attack them while they sleep. As the package opens of its own accord, Billy begins to read and the delivery man reveals his true identity as the Creepshow Creep. Later, her husband arrives home to find his wife's dead body in her car with the hitchiker's sign showing his targeted destination (reading DOVER). Kinda. Creepshow 2 Photos. Billy is seen at the town post office, receiving a package from when he sent a product ad from his copy of the Creepshow magazine. She eventually loses control of her car drives off the road and down a hill, knocking herself out. While Creepshow had five short stories, Creepshow features three. So cause of this it ruined the effect of the movie. Based on a Stephen King short that's also very good, " The Raft " is the main reason Creepshow 2 's reputation has improved, and is clearly the standout. The Creep: There's a lesson for you kiddies. Four college students – Deke, Laverne, Randy, and Rachel – decide to go swimming in a desolate lake far away from civilization. "The Raft" was adapted to film as a segment of the 1987 horror anthology movie Creepshow 2, directed by Michael Gornick from a screenplay by George A. He was unable to pay the fine and was about to be jailed when the payment check for "The Float" arrived, an event King referred to as asking to "have someone send you a real Get Out of Jail Free card." On the way, she accidentally kills an innocent hitchhiker as a result of her speeding down the road, eager to beat her husband to the house. Randy contemplates swimming to shore while the creature eats Deke but realizes that means he would have to leave the unconscious LaVerne behind. She gets back on the road and drives home, succeeding in getting there before her husband. Creepshow 2 is a 1987 anthology film directed by Mike Gornick from a screenplay written by George W. Romero. artist, Jack Kamen. Creepshow 2 is a 1987 anthology film directed by Mike Gornick from a screenplay written by George W. Romero. After the initial panic, the three contemplate their next action, realizing they are trapped, since swimming past the black substance is impossible, as it moves too fast. The frightened Annie then speeds off in terror, but everywhere she goes, the hitchhiker always reappears and becomes her tormentor throughout the trip as she repeatedly runs him over, hurls off the top of her car, slams his body into trees, etc. He ultimately makes it, barely escaping the creature and yells "I beat you!" A group of kids (including Paige Hannah) go swimming out to a raft, which is floating in the centre. Before she can continue, however, the hitchhiker she killed suddenly appears outside her window and utters "Thanks for the ride, lady." Incensed by the skeptical clerk's dismissal of paying $9.99 for a toy from the "funny papers," Billy reveals that the package actually contains the bulb for a carnivorous Venus Flytrap. The death of Sam and his cronies, while well-deserved, is pretty damn brutal. Randy does not look away as the creature's colors shimmer at him. The shot of her rising out of the blob in slow motion, only to be dragged back down, screaming and begging for help, will stick with you long after the movie is over. The black patch pulls her into the water, coats her, and rips her to shreds. Its a nearly identical design, with lots of little Stephen King references in latin. Three more bone-chilling tales that include a vengeful wooden Native American, a monstrous blob in a lake, and a hitchhiker who wants revenge and will not die. As Deke prepares to make a desperate jump into the lake to swim to the shore, the creature oozes up through two boards and grabs him by his foot, pulling his leg through the crack in the boards. The frightened students begin to panic and mourn the loss of Rachel. As soon as the creature takes LaVerne, Randy makes a swim for shore and is quickly pursued. Sam attempts to lock himself in his bathroom and escape through a window but Old Chief Wooden Head breaks through the wall grabs Sam by his hair, pulls him through the wall and scalps Sam as he screams in terror. The artwork is by famed E.C. Four college students head to a lake for the weekend and begin spending time on a raft. ... Rachel's death in "The Raft". As the temperature drops, the two slowly embrace for warmth and gradually begin to have sex, Randy assuring her that he will keep an eye on the creature. The Raft For anyone familiar with Creepshow 2 , there was probably little suspense as to which story would take this top spot. Romero adapted the King stories but emphatically did not direct, which accounts for the drop-off from the kicky fun of the first Creepshow. An utterly weird and bizarre episode that seems to be right up Creepshows lane. Advertisement: I can see why Creepshow 3 wasn’t put on Blu-ray cause HBO didn’t keep the same aspects of the original. The bulk of the story is faithful to the short story, but the ending was changed for the film. I recently rewatched Creepshow 2 with my friends a while back and forgot how good the movie was. The Spruces are then visited by a Native American elder from a local tribe who gives them turquoise jewellery called the "Illinea" as collateral for the debt the tribe has incurred. Seeing that no one witnessed the incident, Annie takes off without much thought. However, he is distracted by pleasure and, when LaVerne's hair falls over the side of the raft, the creature tangles itself in her hair and flows over her face. The group told no one else about their outing, so they cannot hope to be rescued. "The Raft" which is my personal favourite from Creepshow 2 is set in a deserted Arizona lake. Not to mention, it's got a great sense of humour. As the creature quietly slides back down into the lake, the screen pans over a no-swimming sign that also features a warning, which was hidden in overgrown reeds, near the now-abandoned Camaro. ", but the creature becomes a wave, throwing itself up on the shore, and engulfs him. Shortly after Annie takes off, the area of the incident is crowded by passersby, with many reporting the hit-and-run to the police. The hitchhiker begins attacking her as she vainly attempts to fight him off. Four teenagers (two girls, two boys) are out in the middle of nowhere, they swim out to a raft where something slimy is waiting for them. Creepshow 2 (1987) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Well, this is it. as he only gets more and more battered and bloody without dying. After the elder departs, the couple are then subject to a vicious robbery by the elder's nephew, Sam (armed with a shotgun) and his two friends. Randy finally breaks down and gives up, acknowledging the hopelessness of the situation. King appears as a dimwitted truck driver--a … With George Kennedy, Lois Chiles, Domenick John, Tom Savini. After LaVerne regains consciousness, she and Randy take turns sitting, standing, and watching the creature, allowing brief moments of rest for one while the other watches for when the black patch goes under the raft. Gazing at the creature's beautifully iridescent surface entrances and disorients the onlookers, nearly causing them to fall off the raft, but they can avoid this by quickly looking away. There's something about that cheesy/creepy 80s synth score along with the animation and title cards that gets me every time. Creepshow is a trilogy of horror movies consisting over several intertwined stories, directed by George A. Romero and Stephen King. Old Chief Wood'nhead, The Raft and The Hitchhiker as well as a wrap around story. As she begins to step out of her car, the hitchhiker appears from under her car, completely mangled from the trip, still uttering "Thanks for the ride, lady." When Andy Cavanaugh, one of the three young punks in the first segment, "Old Chief Wood'nhead", is checking out the comic book and magazine rack at Spruce's General Store, several issues of "Creepshow" can be seen with the same cover as the graphic novel adaptation of Creepshow (1982). The film is a sequel to the 1982 film Creepshow, and was followed by the spiritual successors Tales From the Darkside and Tales From the Darkside: the Movie as well as the unofficial sequel Creepshow III. Four college students – Randy, Deke, Rachel, and LaVerne – swim to a wooden raft on a remote Pennsylvania lake in October as a final outing before winter. View All Photos (4) Creepshow 2 Quotes. Creepshow 2 is a 1987 American comedy horror anthology film directed by Michael Gornick, and the sequel to Creepshow. In the intro to the story in The Twilight Zone Magazine and in afterword to the book Skeleton Crew, King relates an anecdote about the story's possible 1969 publication in Adam magazine in different form, under the title "The Float". The Raft is definitely the most memorable segment, but Lois Chiles is great in The Hitchhiker. Knowing he will be unable to save her, he kicks her over the side of the raft in a panic, quickening her death.