Share on Reddit; Email to a friend; This competition is now closed . Running your chain through a rag and applying oil twice a week only takes a few minutes. Use a light, specially-formulated bike lubricant and not any old junk that you find in your garage. I clean the chain and rear sprocket with a biodegradeable degreaser and water whenever I wash the bike. What about indoors on a trainer? There are many schools of thought about how to properly clean a chain - ask 10 bike mechanics and you’ll probably get 8 different opinions. The chain is almost always in motion and under constant tension, bearing against other parts in the drive train. Chain tension can be checked by standing on the pedals at a 3 ‘o clock- 9 ‘o clock position and moving your weight back and forth. … Step 8: Lubricate the motorcycle chain. Cleaning and oiling the chain on your bike is often one of the simplest forms of upkeep you can do. When lubricating your bike, really all you have to look for is the moving parts, where metal pieces move against one another. Bike chain lube technologies. This translates into a need to clean and lubricate the chain more often. But I don't think it's totally needed to do it on a set schedule. They suggested applying lube twice a week and I thought I'd misheard and asked if they meant every second week. Their recommendations are likely OK for wet weather riding. Ride 5 miles a week in good weather and you’re good for months. After the rest of the bike is dried off, I go out of my way to ensure that the chain is thoroughly dry. How often should I lube bicycle chain? Non O-ring chains need dirt bike chain lube more often . 2 Likes. Thanks again. bicycles It took them 40 times to figure out the formula that is now known as WD-40. Some lubes are made with their primary focus on keeping the … 4951129381 November 1, 2018, 2:35pm #3. The name stands for “water displacement” with the 40 referencing the number of attempts it took to create. Good point about the Scottoiler, DaveL. I don't know when the last time my chain was tightened, but since ive bought it I have put on 1700 miles, havent tightened it, and from what I can measure the play is about 1" - 1 1/4" So how often do you? The majority of bicycle owner’s manuals and bike repair books recommend to clean and lube your mountain bike chain after every hard ride or after exposure to dirty and wet conditions. Use dirt … In summer when it's dry here I can go about a week between lube jobs (125 miles average). I bought wet lube in a hurry (Giant's liquid silk; smells like tasty cinnamon) from the LBS in a city where it rarely rains and after applying it and not even riding more than 20 miles with it the chain would start to squeak a lot. – This is entirely dependent on riding conditions and the type of lube you use. Some cheap lube options are: Hot paraffin wax dip - get a used crockpot, melt a pound of paraffin wax in, drop your clean chain in, let it sit for 15-20 minutes, pull out with a coat hanger, let dry, install on bike. That bike saw a lot of snow but was a single speed with a chain guard. Y'all lubing up too much. And even if you don’t ride that often, performing a monthly chain cleaning is highly recommended. Simon is here for a special maintenance episode of Ask GCN. Providing excellent rust protection and making bicycle maintenance all the easier, Finish Line has produced a fantastically effective, bike chain lubricant for occasional users and bikes that have been placed in storage for a long time. I then turn the Scottoiler flow up to re-oil the chain and turn it back down again to maybe 1 drop every minute or two. How often should the chain be lubed? Which is more like twice a week - with more like 40-80 miles a week. When the weather breaks, i'll probably wipe it down every week or two. In the real world I usually lube it about once and week and clean it every 3 or 4 weeks. Bicycle-specific lube is designed with your chain’s best interest in mind. Once or twice a year I take the cassette/freewheel and crankset apart and clean it all really well (I use and old toothbrush and water with a bit of dishwashing liquid in it). Of all the parts that make up a bicycle, the drive chain is among those that receive the most wear. The cleaning process ranges from a simple wipe with a clean rag right through to a full degrease. Not it you use a dry lube (like PURE Dry), let it dry out after application, and carefully wipe the chain so there's no lube on the outside. Make sure to aim the lube right into your rollers. How often should I lube my chain? I am super lazy about cleaning and lubing chains, maybe once every 2-4 weeks. The chain is almost always in motion and under constant tension, bearing against other parts in the drive train. Works great for me. Cleaning and oiling the chain on your bike is often one of the simplest forms of upkeep you can do. How To Lube Jockey Wheel: For better result, you might need to take off the chain. However, you can determine if it needs lube with a simple "twist test." Every 400-500 miles I remove the chain and soak it for a while in diluted citrus solvent, then lovingly re-lubricate the chain and put it back on the bike. 3 years ago Lube and wipe every 150km (basically every weekend) with PTFE lube and completely clean and degrease every 1000-1500km. How often should I lube my mountain bike chain? Warm the bike up then lube everything. However, the best way to go about lubing a chain is to do i… Used Prolink until 1100-1200 miles in CA and the chain stretch was below 0.5. Then I let it dry out, reassemble, and lube the chain. If you do it … Apply lube at least 10-12 hours before your next ride to give it time to set. bikes The rest of the chain maintenance consists of filling the Scottoiler reservoir once in a while. It depends on how much I ride. Now your chain cleaning process is complete. If you are a regular cyclist (over 100km a week) have been on long bike rides or have had bad weather on your weekly commute then a quick clean and lube is necessary. For some, this means re-applying lube every day, while for others, it may be once a month or more. I turn the flow down *WAY* less than they recommend and the fling isn't bad. Average 30 miles a week in good weather and you should be lubing about every 2 weeks. Let it dry before breaking out the lube. However if you’ve ridden in wet conditions, you’ll need to lube it more frequently. Rock On. It all depends on the lube you use Use a dry or wax type lube, and you should probably be lubing it every single ride. If the chain stayed dry, once every other day. After a while, you get a feeling about how your chain and sprockets wear. Nevertheless, apply the oil to help keep the exterior of the chain from corrosion and rust. For the unsealed plain bike chain, you only need to use the lube and clean the excess. Here's an excellent guide by Specialized on this easy method. A gritty and grimy chain wont just negatively affect your performance, it will also lead to premature wear of your bike’s (expensive) drivetrain. Check out the video below to see how easy it is to properly maintain your chain. Clean all the dirt of the chain. By BikeRadar. Once every 200 miles is what most manufacturers recommend. I do similar mileage to you per week, and I clean and lube the chain twice a week. Wax-type also require MUCH less cleaning, but on longer rides or lots of stream crossings I've had my chain go dry (I use either white lightening, Pedros Ice wax or finish line- … When lubricating your bike, really all you have to look for is the moving parts, where metal pieces move against one another. It's silent up until 200km - I don't think PTFE lube lasts long. Hence more cog wear. Theoretically speaking, frequent riding using a dry lube in wet, … This depends on how often you ride and in what conditions. Seems excessive to me, what do others think? It takes 5-10 seconds, not tacky and very easy to wipe clean unless you let it sit for a couple of days. RayO with the ScottOiler. The chain just becomes another component in the wash. 2. /*# sourceMappingURL=*/Depends. Dry Lube was first developed for mountain bikers where a chain can pick up dirt, but is widely used for all kinds of bike chains these days. And the best part is, you can do it all at home with the right supplies and some basic knowledge. I wash it with a hose and keep the pressure down. 1. Step 7: Dry the motorcycle chain. Motocross riders lean toward non O-ring and X-ring chains since they’re lighter, which maximizes power to the ground. Bontrager Degreaser Shop now Bontrager Lube Shop now Park Tool Gloves Shop … Use a light, specially-formulated bike lubricant and not any old junk that you find in your garage. YMMV. I was sent up & down the walls trying to clean the white wheel rims of my GSXR-750 along with a TZR-250 red wheel rims. Avoid basic WD40, gun oil, or anything that might have unintended side effects on your bike. How often should you apply bike chain lube? WD-40 was created in 1953 by a small company called Rocket Chemical Comapny. The … Moved to east coast and rode the bike whole winter, using rock n roll, chain stretched well over 0.5 close to 0.75 before 1450 mile mark. The added power comes at the expense of chain protection, however, since dirt and abrasives are free to migrate into every nook and cranny in the chain.

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